Power Dynamics, ‘Strategery,’ and Charlottesville

Some guy named Michael Perilloux has written another strategery essay which once again attempts to apply corporate marketing and mainstream political strategy lessons to our struggle. It’s entitled, “Lessons From Charlottesville In Power Dynamics And Strategy.” In it, he explains that Charlottesville had a negative impact because it provoked a hostile response from the state.

By now, you’ve seen the chaos that unfolded in Charlottesville on August 12 and the resulting unprecedented crackdown on virtually anything publicly right-wing.


We the Captain Now: Trump’s Renouncing Trumpism

A couple hours ago, shortly before I sat down to watch the new South Park episode based on our Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, I saw a news update claiming that Trump is working with (((Chuck Schumer))) and Nancy Pelosi to broker a solution to the immigration problem where there will be a complete amnesty for most illegal immigrants (through the DACA paperwork loophole) and no wall, in exchange for some vague promises that congress will attempt to pass more border patrol legislation in the future.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the best deal that the guy who wrote the book on deals was able to work out.


Literally Mad: Suspected National Action Supporters Rounded Up

Merely declaring the White Nationalist group National Action a terrorist organization and effectively outlawing it apparently wasn’t sufficient. Even though the organization has never committed any real crimes (only absurd Orwellian political thought crimes), anybody who is associated with it or has been associated with it is being hounded and rooted out for persecution by the British government.


We Need to Support Namecoin

Gab looks like it might be going down shortly (or worse, censoring speech to avoid going down), as the registrars who control access to their domain tighten the noose of censorship yet further. The chokepoint for all of this censorship is the Root DNS. For the non-geeks, basically there are a handful of big servers which keep a record of which domain name belongs to which server. There are a bunch of technical details but the basic story is non-technical: The Root DNS has been cucked and they’re pressuring even the “free speech” registrars to remove pro-White websites and websites which allow pro-White speech.


Useless Idiots: Antifa Are the Dystopian Future of Liberalism

Paul Ryan and several other “conservative” Beltway types instinctively scrambled to heap praise on the Antifa movement in the wake of Charlottesville. These guys do, after all, stand for everything the beltway GOP stands for: opposing “fascism,” advancing globalism and open borders, and fighting White Identity. Neocon Republicans are, in their heart of hearts, Boomer Antifa who are too senile to recognize that their positions don’t hold up to sustained discourse and critique.